Log} Double Date-o - Disney Sea (PG-13/closed)

Shota had been looking forward to the double date all week. Things weren't going well at work so he was tired and stressed, but it was finally the holiday and nothing, absolutely nothing was going to ruin this day. It was Christmas. Today he would let all his troubles melt away and just feel happy. He had Subaru by his side, and they were spending the day with Ohkura and Yoko. At Disney Sea no less! He hadn't been to an amusement park in ages! It couldn't get any better than this in Shota's book. Sure it was cliche, Christmas date at Disney Sea, but it was romantic, and Shota liked romantic. He needed something warm and fuzzy and happy to help him relax.

Squeezing Subaru's hand, he grabbed a map of the park from the stack near the main gate and looked at his companions.

"So, here we are~ Where to first?"

[Log] Massage~ (PG, closed)

Hina was looking forward to this. He'd've been willing to go pay for a massage, but having a friend who could do it for free was even better! And besides, he'd been wanting to meet Yasu for ages now and this seemed an excellent opportunity. No barriers, that should get them comfortable with each other quickly! And Hina was sure he'd have plenty to tease Yasu about regarding his relationship with Subaru.

He'd made some tea as a gesture of gratitude, taking it upstairs and knocking on Yasu's door.

{log} Comfort - Yasu's Room (nc-17/closed)

Subaru didn't want to be the type of guy who told his boyfriend what to do. That attitude had ruined every single one of his past relationships. He knew that going to Shota's room probably wasn't the wisest decision he'd made that week. But if he was honest with himself, he was feeling really insecure and he needed that comfort from Shota. He didn't know why, but the thought of Shota watching porn with anyone made him feel... horrible.

So he turned off his computer and checked his reflection in the mirror before crossing the room to his door. Gripping the knob in his hand, he considered his decision once more. They were only going to cuddle. Normal couples cuddled all the time. Right now, he really needed to feel the warmth of Shota's body.

Determined, he opened the door and crept down the hallway, careful not to disturb Ryo and Ohkura. His walk down the stairs seemed to stretch on and he leaped off the last few, almost sprinting down the hallway. Outside the door, he wondered if it was okay to just walk in. Last time he had walked in, he was met with a very <i>arousing</i> sight. And Shota <i>was</i> expecting him.

Finally, realizing how silly it was to stand in the hallway debating whether to just walk in, Subaru decided to just knock.